Motivational Speaker

Motivational speaker to women and the youth

If you walk into 3RC’s offices on a Monday morning you’ll be greeted by a site of all the staff gathered in an office sharing stories of inspiration, motivation and education.

Kay believes that motivation starts within oneself and by coaching her staff to be more motivated and inspiring them, the people that 3RC interacts with on all levels feel the passion that Kay has, radiate through her staff.

With what can be described as a turbulent past Kay has taken the hits that brought her down and turned them around to show those she seeks to motivate that no matter what you have experienced in your life, there is always a way to climb higher.

Kay’s strength as a motivational speaker lies in the way she addresses a crowd. As equals.

While many motivational speakers believe that they possess knowledge that only they are privy to Kay has a different approach.

By addressing the group she is speaking to on a human level she can not only engage with the crowd but have them feeling comfortable, relaxed and engaged.