My Coaching Model

With over 18 years experience in running my own company in both the corporate and educational spaces I am able to assist those that need help starting, moving on or growing.

I believe that every person possesses a seed that needs to be planted, fed and nurtured until it grows into something awe-inspiring.

For this reason I have based my coaching model on the principles of SEEDING.

My core focus is on:

  • Team building and  strategic team development,
  • Strategy,
  • Project Management and Project Leadership,
  • Young business owners,
  • Woman’s rights, empowerment and equality

By using the SEEDING model that I have developed and steps as laid out below – we will concentrate on Strength development, Self-awareness and Building personal stories. This will lead to more productive working environments and higher productivity in the corporate space and your own business.

Coaching model SEEDING

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