Business Woman

Owner of the revolutionary youth marketing specialists 3RC

Kay found her passion for the youth while touring as KayVee to high schools and performing in a music artist capacity. In early 2000 Kay saw a gap in the market that sorely needed filling.

This gap was bringing private tertiary education to schools and informing high school learners about their options after Matric in a fun, youthful way.

Through this Three Ring Circus (3RC) and the Rocking Future Roadshow was born.

What started out as a small endeavour where Kay performed live, with a band on stage to learners as part of the Rocking Future Roadshow soon became nothing short of a behemoth. Today Three Ring Circus is known as 3RC and the Rocking Future Roadshow is now simply RockingFuture and is just one of numerous product offerings Kay and her team provide to their clients and the schools of South Africa. From small intimate career guidance seminars to large scale expos with crowds of 2000 people strong Kay has done more than build a business, she has set a standard for marketing to the youth.

Kay has a thorough understanding of her business because unlike other MD’s she started out by doing the leg work herself. From presenting the show to booking schools to bring the Rocking Future Roadshow to Kay is no stranger to the hardwork that goes into running events and the challenges one faces while running a business for 18 years.

The business mind does not stop there. With the advent of the digital age Kay has begun to explore new, exciting ways to market to the youth and build up the youth of South Africa, Africa and the world.